Wednesday, May 23, 2012

School's Out ~ Seize the Day!

Well, I'm updating my blog so it must be summer!  Not quite yet for me, but the student's last day was today and the feeling of freedom is in the air.  I felt compelled to write tonight because now is not the time for procrastination people!  Tomorrow morning when your children finally wander into the kitchen, groggy and smiling from getting the chance to sleep in on a weekday, don't forget that this is your perfect opportunity to see what makes your child tick. No doubt you've turned around, the school year is already over, and your child has grown and changed right before your eyes. Decide today that you will take some time to reconnect and find out what interests your child.  Then use those interests to plan activities together that will bring you closer. You might also work together to plan something new that you both would like to try.  No pressure, but if you don't do it today, you will turn around and the school supplies will be back out at Target.  Believe me, the years fly by so quickly, take every opportunity you have to positively connect with your kids.  Seize the day!

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